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How To Use Harly Wax

Applying Harly Wax couldn’t be simpler..

However preparation is the key to a mirror-like finish, so check out our vehicle preparation page here and the products we recommend for use BEFORE applying Harly Wax.

Applying Harly Wax

Assuming you have prepared the vehicle as per the vehicle preparation page you can now apply Harly Wax.

1. Ensure the surface is clean and dry

2. Work out of direct sunlight - It is best to use Harly Wax on a cool even temperature surface

3. Use a VERY soft cloth for application - such as our recommended microfibre cloth. WARNING Coarse cloths can cause paint ‘swirl’.

4. Dip the cloth or application pad into the Harly Wax and apply evenly over a single panel section of your vehicle.

5. When you are satisfied the wax is spread evenly, let Harly Wax dry for a few minutes

6. Finally, buff the panel

7. Stand back and smile!

Repeat the process until your whole vehicle is done

Any questions - email us at questions@harly-wax.co.uk